Avis de Bireva_235007 - Executive MBA Dauphine-PSL - Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

  • Quel est, selon vous, le principal atout de ce programme ?

    One of the main advantages of this program is the flexibility to learn and to work at the same time. The second advantage is the academic and professional approach that gives insight and allows one to develop skills and knowledge in different sectors of activities.

  • Quelle est, selon vous, la principale faiblesse de ce programme ?

    The program takes place 3 days a month (fridays, saturdays & sundays), the main problem for me was the interesting sessions of coachings or conferences at the end of the days which were very long and tiring. The contents would have otherwise been very stimulating but due to fatigue part of it was not assimilated.

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Évaluation générale - Executive MBA Dauphine-PSL à Université Paris Dauphine-PSL


Moyenne générale


Pédagogie du programme




Vie étudiante


Réseau et insertion professionnelle


Retour sur investissement

  • 910

    Contenu académique du programme

    Highly satisfied because the different subjects that were covered allowed me to broaden my horizons thereby gaining knowledge in different fields of studies

  • 710

    Moyens pédagogiques (bibliothèque, WIFI, locaux)

  • 710

    Qualité des professeurs permanents

    Globally satisfied with the whole team

  • 710

    Qualité des intervenants professionnels extérieurs

    Great professional lecturers with the exception of one or two who did not manage to draw me into their universe because of too much technicality.

  • 710

    Contrôle des connaissances, volume et répartition des cours, travail personnel

    The division of hours throughout the school year was even although the amount of personal work required was excessive. This is because, we had to reconcile professional work, family work and school work. The balance was very difficult to attain.

  • 510

    Accompagnement/aide si départ à l'étranger

    We travelled to England as part of the program right after the pandemic. The organisation of the study trip could therefore have been better on a different occasion,

  • 710

    Ambiance, cohésion dans la promo (projets, entraide, loisirs, associations)

    Under normal circumstances, the group cohesion would have been maximized but we had several months of remote learning due to the health crisis. In overall it was satisfactory.

  • 910

    Réseau des anciens, contacts professionnels

    Very rich network of professionals

  • 710

    Qualité du directeur de programme et notoriété de la formation

  • 710

    Êtes-vous globalement satisfait de votre formation ?

  • 910

    Referiez-vous le même choix de formation aujourd’hui ?

    A very stimulating challenge it was ! But it requires dedication and hard work.