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  • Quel est, selon vous, le principal atout de ce programme ?

    All the three, Business Development, Personal Development, and Career Development, the pillars of the program is formulated to address how leaders to manage the business in today's rapidly changing business environment, given globalization, digitization i

  • Quelle est, selon vous, la principale faiblesse de ce programme ?

    A great program with support from both International and French (specialized master programs) fellow students.

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    Contenu académique du programme

    The program has three main academic pillars such as Business Development, Personal Development, and Career Development themes, which formulated based on five specifically themed phases such as 1) Discover and Evaluate 2) Validate and Optimize 3) Improve V

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    Moyens pédagogiques (bibliothèque, WIFI, locaux)

    Neoma Paris Campus equipped with all the necessary equipment, facilities, and tools such as amphitheaters, online library, the Internet, dedicated MBA candidates space and small kitchenette corner. Simple and comfortable environment.

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    Qualité des professeurs permanents

    Very diverse background and experienced academic staff who often engaged in real business environment by consulting and support function.

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    Qualité des intervenants professionnels extérieurs

    All the visiting professors for the Personal Development and Career Development courses are renowned and successful professionals who are currently very actively contributing to their industry and sectors, such Paul Thomas and so on. As an MBA candidate,

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    Contrôle des connaissances, volume et répartition des cours, travail personnel

    The level of workload in and outside of class is managed accordance with the subjects and course at hand. Moreover, the working group supports each other very well so that everyone in the group is learning, practicing and contributing at balanced workloa

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    Accompagnement/aide si départ à l'étranger

    The Neoma Business School has one of the biggest and diverse Alumni Network in France. The Alumni is actively participating at the events and exchanges with current students.

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    Réseau des anciens, contacts professionnels

    A great number of various networking events have been conducted this year including AMBA where MBA candidates actively participated.

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    Qualité du directeur de programme et notoriété de la formation

    Academic programs are developed based on three main pillars which I find very agile and adapting to the changing business environment: Business Development Courses, Personal Development Courses, and Career Development Courses. The Program awareness is add

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    Stages et aide à l'insertion professionnelle

    The Neoma Business school established three functions to support graduates in getting employment, Student Hub and Career and Talent Development Unit who is responsible for coaching and mentoring every single candidate from an early stage of the program.

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    Êtes-vous globalement satisfait de votre formation ?

    The International MBA 2016/2017 program was organized at a high level both academically and administratively to deliver great value and practical experience. The core of the program is effectively formulated on five specifically themed phases which formul

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    Referiez-vous le même choix de formation aujourd’hui ?

    Looking at program content, organization, networking events, academic staff, facilities, a special bond I have created with my fellow students, I would definitely recommend the program