Avis de Kuzide_88347 - MBA Full-Time - NEOMA Business School

  • Quel est, selon vous, le principal atout de ce programme ?

    Personal development program - is the strongest among other business schools that I know

  • Quelle est, selon vous, la principale faiblesse de ce programme ?

    The course was extremely busy

  • Commentaires généraux

    I will surely recommend this school to anyone who is looking for MBA program as number 1 choice

Évaluation générale - MBA Full-Time à NEOMA Business School


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Pédagogie du programme




Réseau et insertion professionnelle


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  • 1010

    Contenu académique du programme

    The teachers from all over the world with a huge background discovered the world for me

  • 1010

    Moyens pédagogiques (bibliothèque, WIFI, locaux)

    Everything we need was provided immediately

  • 1010

    Qualité des professeurs permanents

    all the teachers gave us not only academical knowledge but personal approach woth individual advices!

  • 1010

    Qualité des intervenants professionnels extérieurs

    the program was amazingly diverse and everyone could find even very specific information about the field he was interested in

  • 1010

    Contrôle des connaissances, volume et répartition des cours, travail personnel

    Never studied that hard before, "very intensive program" doesn't actually describe enough the massive of work has been done

  • 910

    Accompagnement/aide si départ à l'étranger

    thanks to NEOMA administration, integrating in the new society and new culture was absolutely stressless and easy

  • 910

    Réseau des anciens, contacts professionnels

    extremely interesting people starting from my classmates, continuing with the professors and finishing with other specialists and professionals that i met thanks for NEOMA

  • 910

    Qualité du directeur de programme et notoriété de la formation

    The management of NEOMA gave us worthless lesson about being a real professional, showing by their own experience and practices - how do the Great teams work

  • 910

    Stages et aide à l'insertion professionnelle

    several different data-bases with a real opportunities provided

  • 910

    Êtes-vous globalement satisfait de votre formation ?

    the program gave me even more than I expected

  • 910

    Referiez-vous le même choix de formation aujourd’hui ?

    Yes, being even more sure in my decision then before